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Interesting Facts About Smart Home Automation

Home automation is a booming industry. In fact, the number of automated houses in North America alone is projected to rise up to 50% in four years time. That is a total of 73 million smart homes by 2021! And it gets even better as it is also estimated that about 21+ million homes will be integrated to automation systems by the end of this year.

Interesting Facts About Smart Home Automation

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Kind of interesting don’t you think knowing that more and more houses are being converted into hi-tech homes? Well, it gets even better as we are going to share some more interesting facts about smart home automation in this article. This is a must read especially for those who are strongly considering to hitch a ride into the home automation bandwagon.

(NOTE: All the details being tackled here based on facts. And they are carefully gathered by our team of expert researchers to present it in such a way that is entertaining and educational at the same time. We sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy reading this entry…)

History Of Automation

The earliest known records of automation can be traced back at the Renaissance period by one of the brilliant minds of that era, Leonardo Da Vinci. By carefully analyzing some of Da Vinci’s automation concepts, we can easily conclude that much of his so-called “automated machines” are the basis of some of the automated applications in used today.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Automated Lathe Machine

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Over time, great inventors like Jacques de Vaucanson and Richard Arkwright also made their mark in automation when they invented the first loom and the water powered spinning mill.

To say the least, all of their inventions were very useful except they were all geared for industrial use (probably because the idea of industrialization was highly valued at that time).

Enter The First Concept Of Smart Home Automation…

Our View Of The Future During The 1950's/60's...

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Eventually, more and more people became interested in idea of automation and this can be seen through their growing curiosity of science-fiction. The interest of the public over a utopian/dystopian future scenario grew popular that it became a regular plot for most sci-fi books and novels.

However, the idea of fully automated house is not yet highlighted in these stories until the 1950’s when Ray Bradbury showcased the concept of smart home automation in his short stories where the house is fully operated by computers and machines to help families do chores more efficiently (cleaning the house, cooking food in the kitchen, and even putting them to sleep).

Since then, our obsession with concept of automation (and futurism in particular) grew even stronger that it can be seen not only in books (topics about glass domed houses, wristwatch TV’s, push-button education, flying/driverless cars, and etc.), but also in TV (cartoon shows like “The Jetsons”) and the race for bringing the first man to the moon.

Our Obsession With Concept Of Automation (And Futurism In Particular) Grew Even Stronger...

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Fast Forward To The Present…

As the years go by, scientists and engineers have unlocked the key to turn smart home automation into reality. The concept of hi-tech devices like computerized home desks, wall-to-wall televisions, and electronic media libraries have come to life in the form of laptops, flat screen TV’s, and media tablets (Google search). And the best part of it is that these gadgets can be linked to a single device for effortless control!

Smart home automation is becoming a norm in the society due to the utmost convenience it can bring to our lives. It’s becoming a common practice that:

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    Parents under 18 years of age are more likely to have 3 or more smart products at home today.
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    42% percent of US citizens (including millennials) with broadband internet are strongly considering to smart home automation according to survey.
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    33% of real estate agents say that smart homes are selling faster compared to conventional houses (again, according to survey).
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    Half of the millennials in the United States (those born between 1982-2004) aged 18-34 are already living in a smart home.
42% percent of US citizens (including millennials) with broadband internet are strongly considering to smart home automation according to survey.

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Based on the statistics being shown here, we can safely say that smart homes are becoming an integral part of living just as the way we can live without our mobile phones and internet.

What The Future Holds…

Smart home automation is no longer a thing of imagination. And though we are still technologically limited to produce anti-gravity cars and moving sidewalks (for now), we are still fortunate of having the option to live homes with wireless automated controls and voice recognition features. And for that reason, it makes our future something exciting to look forward into.

The Future Is Bring With Smart Home Automation...

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